Help us continue the effort to create the largest marijuana reform web resource in the world and support the greatest world wide action for the legalization of CANNABIS at the beginning of this new 21st Century.

Join the action faction of the marijuana movement. Start your CAMPaign right away, before May 6th, 2000. Promote The Millennium Marijuana March in your own town or city. Work statewide. Tell every one about www.cannabis



We are only three weeks out.  It’s now or never!

We’ve posted the Atlanta local news release as a guide for your own (if you haven’t already written one).  It’s posted on the RESOURCES section and can be modified by removing the Atlanta data.  We have also posted posters to download on the PROMOTIONS section.  There are also two-color seps for your offset printer.  There is also a 11″ X 17″ handbill format that you can print in two colors.  There are two different full color posters with a design donated from a supporter in Japan.  If you need the art in Illustrator, I’ll send it to you.


Time is short.  The stickers and posters are by far the quickest way to reach your market and region.  ‘420‘ events are perfect for the promotion effort of the march.
It is my experience that people will contribute to the effort by buying stickers or buttons, (10) stickers or a button for $1. We have a variety of new hats with ‘420‘ on the front contributed to us by Headcase Hats.  I can take credit cards, you can sell the product before you get the bill – what’s the problem?


We are out of the ‘Fighters arise for Peace’ posters and we have no more money to print anymore or one with a new design and updated cities list.  We still need your help.  I’m asking each city to contribute to the international effort.  Please send us a $100 or more if you can afford it!  We need it NOW!  Shipping costs are very high. We are still sending out the April 3rd news release to all international media we can find.  You should be concentrating on informing the regional media.

If you need help on your permits, please contact BEN MASEL for assistance and advice.   Ben’s email is:

Keep up the good work.  This is the year, I can feel it!  We can make it happen!
I look forward to hearing from you.  Soon!

I am faithfully yours,

Paul Cornwell
Natl. Coordinator CAMP
Cannabis 2000

Let’s FINANCE the revolution!