The MILLION MARIJUANA MARCH was a massive success! This direct action event was the world’s largest action to date in support of legalization and towards the end of cannabis prohibition. Cannabis CAMPaigning groups from all over the world have united and formed an ‘International Cannabis Coalition’ which last year had simultaneous events confirmed on four continents, in six countries.

This year the ‘International Cannabis Coalition’ includes many of the most active pro cannabis organizations and individuals in the world. You are invited to join them and us in helping make legal cannabis a reality. The MILLENNIUM MARIJUANA MARCH will be internationally advertised and promoted under the sponsorship of “CANNABIS 2000”. One million protesters worldwide may be the edge we need.

The aim in forming such a coalition is to bring as many divergent views together as possible on the legalization process and its future model. We have chosen a date to unified peoples and celebration of cannabis and a widespread protest at the local level and in cities across the world. It as an international day of protest with a goal to end the prohibition of cannabis.