Mission Statement

CAMP concurs with this conclusion of the most exhaustively comprehensive study of marijuana to date. Until the government of the United States can produce conclusive medical and / or scientific justification for pot prohibition, all marijuana laws constitute a vindictive violation of the constitutional rights of citizens in simple pursuit of happiness in their own fashion.

America’s first pot laws were introduced in the southwestern states to provide a rationale for the deportation of thousands of Mexican farm workers, with whom returning WWI veterans found themselves competing in a virtually non-existing job market. What began as a deliberate violation of the civil rights of an ethnic group, has been politically perpetuated as the Pot Prohibition of today, which continues this repression on a cultural level against pot smokers everywhere.

It is high time to stop talking about ending marijuana prohibition, it is time to do something about it!

Even a brief stroll through today’s flourishing field of marijuana reform provides revealing evidence of as many diverse reform-oriented organizations as different types of the ubiquitous weed itself. Each of these groups offers what it considers to be the best solutions to the obvious problem of marijuana prohibition, varying solutions which often conflict in theory as well as application.

The one connection shared by these groups is the realization that currently oppressive pot laws must be changed to more accurately reflect the true nature and effects of this mildly euphoric plant as the first step towards total abolition of prohibition. If there is to be any sort of productive association amongst these groups, it is upon this common principle that any cohesive formulation of strategy must be based.

The Coalition for the Abolition of Marijuana Prohibition is an alliance of several such groups and individuals working in this direction. The organization coalesced in the spring of 1978 in Atlanta, Georgia in a last ditch-effort to defeat pending anti-paraphernalia legislation on a Constitutional basis. Seeking a strong offense as the best defense, after these bills became law despite intensive efforts, CAMP next focused it’s telescopic sights on Georgia’s stone-age pot laws, under which one can still do a year for possession of one joint. As no other organization was addressing this problem in Georgia, this became CAMP’s top priority.

CAMP’s founders soon encountered so many different groups working for pot reform that it was decided to incorporate as a basic part of our over-all program, some means by which to efficiently apply the wealth of energy and ideas of all these groups. This is accomplished by providing a forum through which all such organizations have equal opportunity to offer their individual ideas on ending prohibition to the pot-smoking public.

Aware that writing letters to politicians is if anything, a limited technique which often results in little more than an advanced case of writer’s cramp. CAMP has elected to assume a more aggressive approach to tackling the seven-headed demon of pot prohibition. Recalling the Freedom Rides, Sit-ins, and other creative form of non- violent civil disobedience which achieved such phenomenal success in the civil rights and anti Vietnam War movements of the 60’s. CAMP has chosen to employ analogous tactics in a long range CAMPaign to abolish marijuana prohibition completely.

This concept involves providing people with effective opportunities to demonstrate public outrage with the harmful side effects of prohibition to the individual as well as society in general. CAMP further invites other pro-pot groups to use these rallies to present their ideas and views to the public.

CAMP first tactically applied this strategy at Atlanta’s First Annual Marijuana March and Smoke-in, staged April 7, 1978. One thousand people attended, marching to the state capital to protest Georgia’s archaically repressive pot laws and the anti-paraphernalia bills, then awaiting the Governor’s signature into law. National, and well as city and statewide, attention was focused on the inane nature of these laws in a vividly viable manner.

Protesters also voiced complaints about DEA complicity in the Mexican government’s program of spraying pot fields with paraquat, the world’s deadliest nitrogen-based herbicide. Speakers included Dana Beal (Youth International Party), Paul Cornwell (International Marijuana Wholesalers & Distributors), and Gatewood Galbraith (Kentucky Marijuana Feasibility Study, Inc.)


Yes things are changing fast in today’s Marijuana Movement, which in ten years has grown from a few seeds of discontent into an on-going national effort to totally abolish marijuana prohibition altogether. The inevitability of change is best dealt with by anticipation and preparation for the effects of that change, so as to assure a smooth transitional phase between the old and the new. Right now CAMP is beginning to prepare for a future in which marijuana will be grown, sold, and smoked legally, not only in this country, but around the world.

How will this affect your lifestyle? Your career? The quality of your stash? With these and many other reefer-related matters in mind a number of prominent CAMPesinos in the field of marijuana have now joined forces to carry the CAMPaign, initiated in Atlanta, to all parts of the nation. From California to Kentucky, CAMPers are organizing state and regional chapters to launch a massive onslaught of Marijuana Marches, Reefer Rides, and Smoke-ins for the coming Spring. If your ready to go more than just “one toke over the line” to defend your Constitutional right to grow, possess, and share marijuana, you’re ready for CAMP.


Shay Addams
Paul Cornwell
Gatewood Galbraith
Ed Rosenthal


Freedom is the issue here. Freedom from government interference in the private lives of 50 million pot-smokers in this country today. Exercising our Constitutional rights to peacefully assemble and to protest any repressive law may be the decisive factor in the eventual abolition of marijuana prohibition altogether.

CAMP welcomes participation by all pro-pot organizations and concerned individuals in a program aimed at making available to the public, their unique and diverse approaches to the marijuanalogical phenomenon, which has so thoroughly permeated all levels of contemporary society.

Join the Action Faction of today’s Marijuana Movement and begin CAMPaigning with us as we continue to work nationally to achieve our long-range goal – total abolition of marijuana prohibition.